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The wildlife is what interested me in Australia, especially the birds.

Not being a excellent swimmer like my wife, I was never too interested in wading into the surf. But, I surely would have given the chance. In other words, before I saw a television wildlife adventure showing scientist, who had been stunk by minute jellyfish, in intensive care shaking, sweating, suffering from intense pain, and threatening to die. These brave two, a young man and a young woman, were studying such critters. Raccoon Poop

Jellyfish toxins are the most dangerous in the world to us humans. The small jellyfish must paralyze and kill its prey immediately to succeed. The small fishy must not be the one who got away.

We’re use to jellyfish in America. Ours are bigger and the lifeguards can warn us to get out of the water. Not so with some Australian species. You can’t even see them they’re so tiny. If you’re stung, After BiteĀ® from the neighborhood drugstore may not do the trick.

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